Conscious Leadership Mindset Executive Program

21st Century Executive Leadership Training Program with Personal Coaching

Executive Accelerated Program

Includes Training plus Personal Coaching

Imagine yourself 6 months from now.

You have just emerged from a powerful leadership development program that has fast tracked your transformation into being a highly skilled 21st century Conscious Leader.

In that moment you realize:

You just experienced a life altering transformation which will benefit you personally, professionally and spiritually for many years to come.

You possess an increased level of self-awareness, self-acceptance, are more self-empowered and experience greater life balance.

Your teams are highly responsive, move faster and perform with greater ease and with less stress.

You astutely use a blend of intuition, insights and the collective intelligence to make superior decisions.

You are more admired and respected by your teams and enjoy a higher level of their trust.

You are changing lives, careers and companies by developing and mentoring the next generation of leaders who will follow in your footsteps.

You've joined an international movement of like-minded women and men, devoted to bringing a higher level of consciousness to leadership in order to improve the world and the hopes for our future.

IF THAT VISION appeals to you then this powerful, innovative training is perfect for you.

In fact, it is the only training of its kind that takes you through a step-by-step process that seamlessly guides you away from the traditional, and increasingly ineffective, top/down leadership styles to those designed for, and demanded by, the modern workforce and the modern times.

Blending content from Jeffrey’s international award-winning book: Developing the Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century and using the Deckman M3 Process for Transformation, this course teaches proven Mindsets, Models and Methods that lead you on a profound inward journey as it simultaneously teaches innovative new organizational models that maximize both employee engagement and organizational profits.

Who It's For:

This training, while being highly personal, is designed to effective at whatever your current level of leadership or management experience. It meets you where you are, then gives you powerful tools that take you to your next level... and beyond.

Because of its unique design this training is perfect for:

  • Senior Executives and Business Owners committed to staying at the forefront of leadership excellence

  • Middle Managers and Supervisors facing complex front line challenges

  • Emerging and Future Leaders who are committed to learning Conscious Leadership Mindsets, Models and Methods from the outset of your career.

What You Learn:

1.    How to tap into your “Inner Elder” to lead with wisdom and a sense of stewardship.

2.    Methods to rise above the stress and confusion of the moment to gain perspective and clarity

3.    Tools that energize, mobilize and focus your team’s collective genius and energies to maximize performance

4.    The 3 hidden forces that drive all production and how to leverage them to generate profits

5.    How to identify and correct unconscious traits that secretly hold you back and limit your effectiveness

6.    How to create a high-performance culture that is healthy and highly resilient

7.  How to teach others to do the same

8. And much, much more...

What You Receive with the Executive Accelerated Program:

~ Full "Evergreen" Access to the 26 week Conscious Leadership Development Program. Take the course once and reference it forever! No licensing renewals.

~ 3 - 30 minute One on One Personal Coaching sessions per month with Jeffrey for 6 months.

(You can retake the entire course anytime in the future to continuously further your development and deepen your understanding of both yourself and this work. There are no licensing renewals.)

INVESTMENT: $2,500.00 per person

So, if you are ready to join the ranks of those on the cutting edge of 21st century leadership evolution and effectiveness then NOW is the perfect time to begin.

It is never too early to increase your ability to powerfully transform your life and the lives of those fortunate enough to be led by you.

Jeffrey is an international award-winning author and innovator in the field of Conscious Leadership. He is also a futurist, strategist, mentor and trainer.

His innovative work around creating new Conscious Leadership mindsets, models and methods won the 2021 International Business Awards bronze medal for ‘Innovator of the Year’.

His book, which this powerful course is based upon, "Developing the Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century" has won 2 international and 2 national Stevie awards for best business/leadership book of 2019. It is also an Amazon best seller in the Organizational Design and Psychology category.

Jeffrey has been an "in the trenches" serial entrepreneur since 1981. In 2005 after founding and building two multi-million dollar companies in the telecommunications industry, he founded his current company, Capability Accelerators, which is a leading edge leadership development and organizational design consulting firm.

Jeffrey has also co-founded a 21st century think tank and is a co-creator of the Conscious Enterprise Network which is dedicated to developing, training and supporting conscious leaders throughout the world.

Jeffrey is a stage 4 cancer "thriver", a Reiki Master and has been a dedicated student of consciousness and spiritual teachings for over 30 years.

He is devoting the rest of his career to discovering, developing and sharing practical Conscious Leadership practices. He works with women and men dedicated to accelerating their transformation to becoming highly conscious leaders committed to making a greater impact in the world by leading with wisdom, compassion and self-discipline.

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Success Stories

  • Jack Beauregard, Author, Founder, Wisdom Company

    You won't find a better coach or strategic advisor

    "His 40+ years of entrepreneurial experience, plus his practical business advice and leadership development skills are outstanding. Jeff is the only business advisor I have ever felt comfortable recommending.J"

  • Katherine O’dea Executive Director Save our Shores

    Jeffrey's work is transformational

    "I have learned more about leadership from working with Jeff for only a few years than I have in my entire 30-year career leading large non-profits with important missions under very challenging conditions."

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    Online Course with Coaching

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